International Workshop on the Scientific Approach to the Acheiropoietos Images


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Keynote lecture Prof. A. Danin Botany of the Shroud of Turin
Keynote lecture Dr. M. Antonacci Can contamination be detected on the Shroud to explain its 1988 dating?
Comparison of the three acheiropoietos images Prof. G. Fanti How are the acheiropoietos images produced?
Tilma of Guadalupe Dr. J. C. Espriella Godinez Acheiropoietos images: the Tilma of Guadalupe
Origin of the Shroud images Prof. G. Fanti A critical compendium of Shroud body image formation hypotheses
Origin of the Shroud images Dr. P. Di Lazzaro Sub-micrometer coloration depth of linens by deep ultraviolet radiation
Radiocarbon dating problems Prof. M. Riani A robust statistical analysis of the 1988 Turin Shroud radiocarbon dating results
Shroud history Prof. D. Scavone On Besançon and other plausible theories for the Shroud during the missing years
Archaeology Dr. D. Fulbright Implications of Akeldama Shroud Fragments for the Turin Shroud
Shroud forensic analysis Dr. N. Svensson Medical and forensic aspects of the Man depicted on the Shroud of Turin
Philosophy Prof. P. H. Wiebe The Promise (and Threat) of the Shroud
Oviedo sudarium and Turin Shroud Prof. J.L. Fernandez Sanchez The Sudarium of Oviedo and the Shroud of Turin. A question of authenticity

Shroud Image Formation
M. Antonacci, A.C. Lind Particle Radiation from the Body
G. de Liso Shroud-like experimental image formation during natural electrostatic discharges
G. Fanti, T. Heimburger A Scientific Comparison between the Turin Shroud and the First Handmade Whole Copy
G. Fanti, J.A. Botella, F. Crosilla, F. Lattarulo, N. Svensson, R. Schneider, A. Whanger Scientific observables and inferences applicable to the Shroud of Turin
Image Processing
B. Faccini New image processing of the Turin Shroud scourge marks
R. Falcinelli Two unpublished letters of Secondo Pia about the 1898 Shroud photography
M. Latendresse An Online Web Tool for Length Measurements and Web Annotated Presentation for the Shroud of Turin
D. Murra, P. Di Lazzaro Sight and brain: an introduction to the visually misleading images
G. Fanti, C. Privitera A quantitative image of the Turin Shroud for details recognition
Textile fibres
L. G. Thygesen Dislocations in plant fibres and in Turin Shroud fibres
History and Iconography
G. Baldacchini, F. Baldacchini, L. Casarosa, G. Falcone Crux Mensuralis of Grottaferrata and Shroud of Turin
D. Fulbright Were Sixth-Century Natural Disasters Factors in the Transfer of Relics from Palestine?
E. Marinelli, M. Marinelli The copies of the Shroud
A. Piana An unknown hideaway of the Holy Shroud?
A. Piana The "Missing Years" of the Holy Shroud
D. Scavone Edessan Sources, the Shroud, and the Legend of the Holy Grail
K. E. Stevenson White Linen and the Blood of Sprinkling
A. Silverman, N. Kerner The brightest light of all
Manoppello Veil
R. Falcinelli The Face of Manoppello and the Veil of Veronica: New studies
J. S. Jaworski Properties of byssal threads and the chemical nature of colors of the Veil of Manoppello
H. Pfeiffer The concept acheiropoietos, the icons of the likeness of Christ and the Veil of Manoppello
Z. Treppa, K. Aszyk The Appearance of the Changing Images on the Veil of Manoppello. An examination of its implications for future scientific research through the discipline of photography
G. R. Lavoie A medical study of the surface anatomy of the image and a medical forensic evaluation of the blood marks of the Shroud of Turin are presented in relation to image formation
C14 and textiles dating
L. Campanella Sensoristic approach to dating of cellulosic materials
A.C. Lind, M. Antonacci, G. Fanti, D. Elmore, J.M. Guthrie Production of Radiocarbon by Neutron Radiation on Linen
R. Van Haelst ANOVA, a Robust Method to Evaluate AMS Radiocarbon Data

B. Paschalis Schlömer The Manoppello Veil compared with the Turin Shroud and with other grave cloths of Christ.
A. Resch The Face on the Shroud and on the Veil of Manoppello
M. Latendresse The Scientific Method and the Shroud of Turin
M.P. Hamon Does the Shroud of Turin Really Bear the Image of a Man Crucified "Under Pontius Pilate"?
C. Glori Why Jesus did not bring the patibulum but the whole cross