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FRASCATI (327 m.) is renowned thanks to the beauty of its period villas, the magnificent 17th century Cathedral and its DOC wine. The town was built over the ruins of former ancient roman mansions, and - because of its mild clima and its closeness to Rome - it is visited from tourists coming from all over the world.
Frascati rises on a little hill, not far from the "Tusculum" ruins, the ancient town destroyed by the Romans in 1191. The survivors settled down in Frascata (modern Frascati).
Villa Torlonia The elegant villas, costellating the Tuscolani hills, were built by the élite of papal Curia, the powerful aristocratic families that loved to establish there their summer residences.
Villa Torlonia's garden is one of the favorite place during the Summer period.

Villa Aldobrandini with its famous gardens is still owned by a descendant of the original family that gave a Pope to the Church in the 16th century.
Aldobrandini's stables Museum, better known as "Frascatino", renewed and designed to keep intact all the old architecture, leaving the main structures and original wall materials. A really interesting experience among archaeology, modern art and architecture. Villa Aldobrandini

Visit Frascati on Sunday, when the whole town is out for a stroll along the promenade, savor a gelato at "Tris" in the church square or watch a puppet show featuring Pulchinella and Columbine. The town of Frascati is instrumental in the production of the quaffable white wines that are native to the region. For intimate dining, the simplicity of Zaraza, just off the beautiful Palazzo Vescovile. Ask for the terrace tables and dine on splendid gnocchi (available only on Thursdays, according to the tradition) and the killer zuppa di cicerchie, made from a twisty-shaped kind of garbanzo traditional to this region. Palazzo Vescovile
For something a little bigger and bit fancier, but not overly polished, we really enjoy Cacciani. It's a huge place and pretty much the main event in town, and for good reason... the dishes are classics and very well done. This is the place for pastas like spaghetti cacio e pepe, simply dressed with sheep's milk cheese and black pepper, or fettuccine with "regaglie", a ragout of chicken livers, gizzards and cockscombs. Frascati produces more wine than any other DOC in Latium, most of it dry white wine (made from Malvasia, Trebbiano, and Greco) that's a favorite in Rome restaurants for house wine. Frascati wines can also be amabile, dolce, or Cannellino, the latter a special version using very ripe grapes hopefully infected with Botrytis Cinerea. A spumante version is also produced. You can taste the classic vino nostrano in the so-called osterie…as Osteria dell'Olmo in Piazza dell'Olmo. It is an unforgettable experience.

You may visit Villa Aldobrandini's gardens, where in summer we have an International Music and Art Festival (The Ville Tuscolane Festival) and the view of Rome is matchless, or go listening to some excellent music during Frammenti Festival.

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