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1)Espriella J.C.Tilma of GuadalupeThe Tilma of Guadalupe
2)Fanti G.Shroud textileList of evidences of the Turin Shroud
3)Thygesen L.G.Shroud textileDislocations in plant fibres and in Turin Shroud fibres
4)De Liso G.Shroud image formationShroud-like experimental image formation during natural electrostatic discharges
5)Di Lazzaro P.Shroud image formationSub-micrometer coloration depth of linens by deep ultraviolet radiation
6)Heimburger T.Shroud image formationScientific comparison between the Turin Shroud and the first handmade whole copy
7)Antonacci M.Shroud datingCan contamination be detected on the Shroud to explain its 1988 dating?
8)Campanella L.Shroud datingTwo archaeometric methods for cellulosic textile finds using enzymatic test
9)Lind A.C.Shroud datingProduction of radiocarbon by neutron radiation on linen
10)Riani M.Shroud datingA robust statistical analysis of the 1988 Turin Shroud radiocarbon dating results
11)Van Haelst R.Shroud datingA critical review of the radiocarbon dating of the Shroud of Turin. ANOVA - a useful method to evaluate sets of high precision AMS radiocarbon measurements
12)Silverman A.PhilosophyThe brightest light of all
13)Wiebe P.H.PhilosophyThe promise (and threat) of the Shroud
14)Fernandez Sanchez J.L.Oviedo sudariumThe Sudarium of Oviedo and the Shroud of Turin. A question of authenticity
15)Falcinelli R.Manoppello veilThe face of Manoppello and the veil of Veronica: new studies
16)Jaworski J.S.Manoppello veilProperties of byssal threads and the chemical nature of colors of the Veil of Manoppello
17)Pfeiffer H.Manoppello veilThe concept of acheiropoietos, the icons of the likeness of Christ and the Veil of Manoppello
18)Resch A.Manoppello veilThe Face on the Shroud of Turin and the Veil of Manoppello
19)Faccini B.Image processingNew image processing of the Turin Shroud scourge marks
20)Latendresse M.Image processingShroudScope, a web tool to analyze high-resolution photographs of the Shroud of Turin
21)Murra D.Image processingSight and brain: an introduction to the visually misleading images
22)Privitera C.Image preocessingConstruction of a quantitative image of the Turin Shroud for details recognition
23)Baldacchini G.IconographyCrux mensuralis of Grottaferrata and Shroud of Turin
24)Marinelli E.IconographyThe copies of the Shroud
25)Falcinelli R.HistoryTwo unpublished letters of Secondo Pia about the 1898 Shroud photography
26)Fulbright D.HistoryDid Jesus give his Shroud to "the servant of Peter"?
27)Fulbright D.HistoryWere sixth-century natural disasters factors in the transfer of relics from Palestine?
28)Glori C.HistoryWhy Jesus did not bring the patibulum but the whole cross
29)Piana A.History"Missing years" of the Holy Shroud
30)Piana A.HistoryAn unknown hideaway of the Holy Shroud?
31)Scavone D.HistoryDocumenting the Shroud missing years
32)Scavone D.HistoryEdessan sources for the legend of the holy Grail
33)Di Lazzaro P.ForewordForeword
34)Lavoie G.ForensicA medical study of the surface anatomy of the image and a medical forensic evaluation of the blood marks of the Shroud of Turin in relation to image formation
35)Svensson N.ForensicMedical and forensic aspects of the Man depicted on the Shroud of Turin
36)Fulbright D.ArchaeologyAkeldama repudiation of Turin Shroud omits evidence from the Judean Desert